Discover Your Inner Power

Your body contains a special energy that makes it unique. Learn what keeps everything working properly and how you can make your body function even better.

If a mechanic disassembled the parts of a car engine could he reassemble the parts and the engine function again? If a computer technician came to your house and disassembled your computer and reassembled the parts would it work again? Most would answer yes, of course, based on the talent of the technician.

What about your body? Do you believe that the top surgeon of the mayo clinic could disassemble the parts of the body, reassemble all of your organs and your body would re-animate itself into life?

The obvious answer is no. The more pertinent question would be, why is it possible that the un-animated parts of computers and a car engine can be disassembled and reassembled and the mechanical device function again however, the human body cannot? It is simple and yet complex. What separates the human body from a computer or a car is that the human body has this mysterious something that creates life and causes it to function.

The Power Of Life

Some call this mysterious something, universal intelligence, some call it energy, and some call it God’s power. The fact is that this magnificent, supernatural power causes the heart to beat, hair to grow and food to digest. That same power also allows you to read this article and interpret the information you are viewing on the page or computer screen. Researchers at Boston’s Forsyth Institute and at Harvard University have taken a big step toward explaining this mysterious something. When an embryo consists of just four cells, they have found, an electric gradient starts switching on genes. It’s like a power switch is turned on that begins to animate you to life.

The study of embryological development shows that the brain is the very first organ to develop. The brain then sends creative power through the spinal cord and nerves to create every cell and organ in your body. From that moment on, that brain power flow continues to control all function and healing in the body for the rest of that person’s life. As a result, if there is any interference or damage to the spinal cord and nervous system, there will be an interruption with that life switching on power and your organs will begin to malfunction.

Some Scientific Facts Behind the Spine:

  • While the body can go weeks without food, days without water and a few minutes without air, it cannot survive for a second without nerve (brain) supply. This is because the nerve supply is the literal life and power supply.
  • The brain and the immune system talk to each other and this process is essential for maintaining homeostasis (the balance of health).
  • The most extensive and physiologically most diverse component in the efferent nervous system is the sympathetic nervous system, which sends axons (nerves) to all parts of the body.
  • The primary and secondary lymphoid immune organs receive extensive sympathetic/noradrenergic innervation (nerve supply), including: Thymus, Spleen, Lymph Nodes, Tonsils, Bone Marrow and Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissues (gut, bronchus, nasal).
  • The sympathetic nervous system innervates (CONTROLS) all lymphoid organs and catecholamines, the end products of SNS, control immune function.

By finding a Doctor of Chiropractic who is trained in the full correction and stabilization of the spine and nervous system, you not only remove pain, you restore:

  • The full communication between the brain and immune system
  • Full function of the sympathetic nervous system, which plays a role in controlling every part of the body
  • Immune organ activity, which includes maximum function of the lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, tonsils, bone marrow and associated tissues

The spine is the lifeline of the entire body. Certain chiropractors are trained to restore normal alignment and proper curvature to the whole spinal column. Seek a Doctor of Chiropractic who is capable of X-raying your spine and determining what it would take to create maximum correction.

This doctor should be able to not only adjust, but also give you rehabilitative in-office and home care procedures so that the correction can become more permanent. Following a course of care, this chiropractor must be able to re-X-ray you and show you improvements in the alignment of your spine as evidence that you are not only feeling well, you are getting well. Following the corrective period, wellness care will be necessary to maintain these corrections and keep you maximally healthy and feeling your best for the rest of your life.

Chiropractors have spent 116 years researching and showing that in order for health to be restored, the brain and nerve power inside the body must be free of interference. Chiropractors align the spine so that there is no interference and the flow of power can regain control of your body. They also align your lifestyle so that how you live is more in-line with producing health. Once your spinal cord and your lifestyle are in line, interference is removed and the power that animated your body can heal your body.

In today’s world, misalignment of the spine and nervous system is not only common, it is epidemic. Whether you are sick and trying to get well, or well and trying to stay that way, seek a chiropractor who recognizes that the God-given power inside your body that created your body, is the power that heals your body. You are not doing all you can to get well and stay well if your power is not on!